#Talent@Alten: An Alten Story by Aymeric N.


Aymeric N. started his career at Alten as a consultant straight after graduating. 12 years, 3 sectors, 2 locations and a world tour later, he still finds excitement in his role and is always ready to tackle new challenges. In this interview, he tells us about his journey at Alten but also about his important role in helping our customers bounce back following the COVID-19 crisis.

Tell us about your experience with Alten.

I joined Alten France straight after finishing my studies 12 years ago as a system engineer for the automotive industry. I then progressed rapidly to the position of Project Leader and 3 years later, became a Senior Project Leader in the Technical Direction in the Energy sector. After a year long sabbatical spent travelling the world, I gladly joined the UK team to continue my role back in the automotive sector. I am now a Project Director and have been since 2017, responsible for the development of our main customer in the railway industry. I am very lucky to be part of Alten; I really enjoy the variety in my role and interacting with different stakeholders in the company.

What is the purpose of your role?

As a Project Director, my mission is to ensure the delivery of the work packages for our customers. My job is to deploy the correct team organisation and structure and ensure the quality and timing of our delivery processes, working closely with the Business Management team. Additionally, I participate in the development of Alten by contributing to the pre-sales activities within the railway and automotive industries.

What added value does your job provide Alten customers?

Through our management model, we bring flexibility, reactivity and a high level of pro-activity to our customers. This allows our great delivery team to bring an autonomous solution to our customer that will reach the work package objectives with optimised level of quality and minimum customer drag.

How have you helped our customers during the COVID-19 crisis?

We have been very reactive to the situation and have maintained 100% of the delivery efficiency by deploying our teams to work from home, adapting the governance model, tracking progress and team motivation, which was key in this difficult environment. We kept the teams working together by also organising out of work activities such as e-Breakfasts, e-Quizzes, and maintaining a very close relationship with each team member. With the work environment being different, we needed to adapt fast and our teams responded well to the change!

What are the next steps in supporting our clients during the pandemic?

The next steps are to continue our efforts to keep the delivery at its excellent level. We are re-opening our premises to allow our team members to come back to work in safe conditions and ensure good collaboration. We contribute to the definition and ensure the application of the health & safety rules on the customer site, where some activities require a physical presence, such as train testing. Alten is developing actions to help our customers to bounce back economically and ensure the delivery of their main programmes.


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