Jonas: I’d say that ALTEN, being a consultancy company with a presence in various sectors and with many different clients, offers excellent exposure. For a young engineer starting their career and unsure about their focus, this diversity is invaluable. Even within a specific domain like Gas Turbine Performance, they can engage in various related activities, expanding their knowledge. I also feel like ALTEN gives substantial responsibility to young engineers, and with the right mindset and drive, they can experience rapid career growth, gaining exposure to technical, project management, and team leadership aspects.

Note on our partnership with Cranfield University: ALTEN’s partnership with Cranfield University has been pivotal in sourcing exceptional talent for our team. The strong connection forged over the years, particularly through Cranfield’s Thermal Power and Propulsion MSc program, has proven invaluable. The program’s detailed and industry-tailored curriculum ensures that graduates seamlessly integrate into ALTEN, ready to contribute effectively from day one. We remain committed to this partnership, actively participating in career fairs to identify and nurture the next generation of engineering talent. Our collaboration with Cranfield is a cornerstone of our growth and commitment to engineering consultancy excellence.

‘I have worked directly with Gas Turbine performance for the last 6 years, and we have recruited many people from Cranfield’s Thermal Power and Propulsion MSc, and we will continue to do so. We have found over the years that candidates who complete this course are ready to start with real hands-on activities as soon as they join ALTEN.’

Jonas de Oliveira, ALTEN specialist