ALTEN at the 2023 Paris Air Show

ALTEN, a tier-one technological partner

As a major aerospace industry tier-one partner, ALTEN is present at the 54th edition of the Paris Air Show, from June 19th to June 25th 2023.

Digital transformation, incremental development, Industry 4.0, New Space, Big Data & Services, Cybersecurity… our 10,000 engineers in Aeronautics, Space & Defense operate daily on these challenges with high technological added value in more than 22 countries.

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ALTEN, a multi-sectorial expert

At ALTEN, we see our specialists as architects – today’s designers of tomorrow’s world.

Within 30 years, ALTEN has become leader in both outsourced Engineering and IT Services by supporting its customers’ development strategies in the areas of innovation, R&D and technological information systems.


ALTEN supports the transformation of its customers in the aeronautics industry by participating in their innovation strategy. The Group supports manufacturers and equipment suppliers in the deployment of new technologies, from the factory to the supply chain, as well as in customer service and airlines. With its expertise in business processes and digital technologies, ALTEN offers innovative solutions to aeronautics players, ranging from predictive maintenance to collaborative customer service platforms.


ALTEN has a partnership history of over 20 years with the space industry’s leading stakeholders. We are an active participant in changing landscape, and a top supplier of satellite engineering and integration services. From spacecrafts to satellites, all the way to ground segment and downstream, ALTEN is involved in the complete value chain of the space sector. We support our customers throughout studies, development, manufacturing, integration, tests and operations as one of the top suppliers.

Defense, Security & Naval

The Group supports the digital transformation of its clients by working on the dimension of technological information. ALTEN works in Defence Engineering for the development of aircraft, combat vehicles, and advanced embedded systems. ALTEN also participates in the design of ships and submarines as part of its expertise in naval defence systems.

Magazine Alt.

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ALTEN, a career accelerator

A Group that takes on technological challenges

Our ambition is to put your expertise to work on stimulating projects. You will work on projects at the heart of technological innovation and digital transformation on behalf of the largest companies in Engineering, IT Services, and Life Sciences, leaders in their sectors.

A Group for training and development

We accelerate your personal and professional development. We support you throughout a career path that guarantees your advancement. In addition to advancement, you benefit from gateways at all levels and in all functions.

A Group for knowledge-sharing

We create value together. You will experience a stimulating environment, develop your expertise through collaboration, and get inspired by both our technical and social communities.

A high-impact Group

We are committed to making social responsibility everyone’s business. We believe that business and sustainable development are compatible. We put our expertise at the service of eco-innovation and entrust you with projects that contribute to a better future. An opportunity made possible by our ethics and compliance policy, which guarantees you a safe and serene working environment.

ALTEN’s Smart Digital program, the backbone of the Group’s research and innovation, puts advances in digital technologies to work for a more sustainable and low-carbon world. In doing so, it supports the transformation at the core of the ongoing fourth industrial revolution.