ALTEN’s historical core business is Engineering and has been recognised for 35 years as a tier-one technological partner of major clients within the industry. Through its engineering activities, the ALTEN Group, with its 54,100 employees including 88% of high-level consulting engineers, provides solutions to its customers throughout the entire product life cycle.

ALTEN is your tier-one technological partner in Engineering

Engineering plays a pivotal role in shaping the modern world, driving innovation, and addressing complex challenges faced by humanity. Our innovation Labs in cutting-edge technology fields (e.g. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence…), our global presence and global support in more than 30 countries, our human and technical organisation, the performance of our offshore structures and our excellent knowledge of our customers’ business environments make us the leading technological partner for key accounts in the industry.

The role of an engineer is underpinned by problem-solving. I think you have to come to the problem with an attitude of ‘I am going to find a solution to this’.

– Jack Corcoran, Business Unit Manager

Our success stories

Technological advances – in composite materials, aerodynamic design and durability – are making it possible to imagine and design changes in the airframe that reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The result is a new breed of aircraft – such as the Airbus A320neo – that are more efficient, more reliable and greener.  

The airframe is the aircraft’s main structure – both its skeleton and its skin. It ensures the integration of all the aircraft’s systems and enables it to withstand the various forces experienced during flight, guaranteeing the comfort and safety of passengers and crew alike.

Sustainable innovation 

Developing and certifying a new airframe is a long-term process. While studies are underway to produce hydrogen and electrically powered aircraft, these won’t be ready, in the most optimistic scenarios, before 2035. In the meanwhile, it is crucial to improve the performance of current fleets and limit their ecological impact. Innovations such as digital…

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