Information Technology

As a global leader in engineering and technology, ALTEN has developed its expertise in digital transformation to answer the needs of its customers.


ALTEN supports its customers in the Public, Retail, Industry, Science, Media and Energy fields.

Reliable Digital Partner: We have built our expertise in the last 20 years across various technological fields, providing end-to-end services.

Innovation: To improve business efficiency, ALTEN invests in technologies such as factory 4.0, automation & robotics and Virtual Reality. ALTEN is a leader in innovation, with numerous labs across the globe.


  • Defence and Security Systems
  • E-commerce
  • Industrial Performance
  • Cloud and Infrastructure
  • Public Sector & Government Services


  • Predictive Analytics: development of a new prediction model using an agile method, big data and machine learning for a major Aircraft OEM.
  • Software Development: full development lifecycle for a global travel technology provider.
  • Cloud: development of a secured communication system in the defence field through the use of DevSecOps and cybersecurity expertise.
  • Robotic/process automation: development of a new test automation framework for a global sportswear brand’s enterprise applications based on a DevOps environment.
  • UX/UI: development of a rental application with a “web responsive” approach, hitting the highest UX/UI requirements for a premium car manufacturer.
  • IoT: development of an IoT cloud-based infrastructure in partnership with a global communication firm. Architecture based on microservices and apps, containerised and orchestrated with Kubernetes.


ALTEN supports the digital transformation and the strategic challenges of companies in the Banking, Finance & Insurance sectors.

Regulatory Compliance: cost optimisation of compliance and back-offices, deployment of cybersecurity policies and protection of bank data.
Customer Experience: development of new services to provide a fluid and intuitive customer experience.
Innovation: integrating new technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in order to retain our client’s customers using predictive marketing, increase productivity through robotics, or secure transactions with blockchain.


  • Investment Banking
  • Retail Bank
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • BFI Software
  • Insurance


  • Trading Platform management and integration support for a major European bank.
  • Partner with a major international bank to develop a digital service centre enhancing the experience for more than one million users.
  • Cloud architecture migration and optimisation for a major player in financial banking using a FinOps approach.